"The firm I trust to give me effective, ethical and professional representation on important, sensitive matters.”

- Kurt Oreshack, General Counsel, Human Longevity, Inc.

Corporate Investigations

According to the Association of Certified Financial Examiners, “fraud results in 5% of loss in annual revenue to organizations” with a typical case of business fraud costing a business $150,000.”

The firm was hired by a life science company to investigate allegations of violations of federal law by a key executive. The firm conducted a thorough and prompt investigation that included forensic and testimonial analysis leading to a clear understanding of potential liability and action steps for the company in order to avoid future risk.

Insurance Fraud Investigations

Insurance fraud in California is a billion dollar a year program for insurance companies.

A national insurance company hired the firm to conducted complex investigations and bring whistleblower litigation matters against medical providers, attorneys and related parties submitting fraudulent claims for reimbursement in order to stop the fraudulent conduct.

Government Investigations

Protecting privacy and ensuring transparency are ever growing concerns for government agencies.  

A prominent municipal agency in Southern California hired the firm to conduct a highly confidential and politically sensitive investigation that included electronic discovery and witness interviews of the Mayor, City Attorney, City Council members and City Manager.  The firm’s investigation allowed the municipal agency to move forward on a clear path to protect the integrity of the public.