Practice Areas

Business Litigation

Castañeda Trial Attorneys are skilled lawyers that represent businesses of all sizes and types, including executives, entrepreneurs, investors and property owners.  We focus our expertise on state and federal litigation involving the breach of a variety of commercial contracts, misappropriation of trade secrets, and real estate.  We also litigate business-related torts, unfair business practices, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty obligations, securities litigation and partnership disputes.

In these cases, our lawyers have experience in developing a comprehensive strategy, avoiding wasteful duplication of discovery efforts, taking cases to trial, and coordinating with other counsel in joint defense and privilege arrangements.  However, serving our clients doesn’t start or end in the courtroom.  Our attorneys have a reputation for aggressively pursuing our clients’ interests through pre-lawsuit research, investigation and preparation.

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White Collar Criminal Defense & Internal Investigations

As white-collar attorneys, we represent companies and executives in white-collar criminal matters.  Led by a former Assistant U.S. Attorney, we respond quickly and effectively to a state or federal subpoena, search warrant, or full-blown government prosecution.

Our work often begins far in advance of a prosecution.  We assist companies, boards of directors, auditors, and legal counsel through systematic internal investigations in assessing internal weaknesses prior to or in anticipation of government litigation or prosecution.  We are experts at conducting bilingual internal investigations throughout the United States, Mexico and Latin America.

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Cross-Border Litigation

As international attorneys, we help guide our international and domestic clients through the legal, cultural and technological issues that inevitably arise in cross border disputes and international arbitrations.  Whether it is the enforcement of an award made by a foreign court, obtaining discovery in aid of foreign proceedings, fighting jurisdiction over a foreign individual or business, or litigating a business dispute that crosses U.S. and foreign borders, we have the experience, language ability, and relationships with foreign law firms to manage such litigation successfully.

Regulatory Advocacy

We also pride ourselves in serving as attorneys providing counsel and advocacy for businesses facing scrutiny by regulatory government agencies, including the Department of Labor, OSHA, SEC and FINRA.

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Uniquely Qualified

Our proximity to the U.S. border in San Diego County offers our international and domestic clients an advantage when cross border litigation disputes arise. As international attorneys, we understand the culture and have extensive legal experience in Latin American countries. We have built strong relationships with many foreign law firms and know how to navigate foreign courts and the International legal system.

If you have been faced with a business dispute or legal challenge that crosses U.S. and foreign borders, <a href=””>contact</a> Castañeda Trial Attorneys. We are uniquely qualified lawyers ready to help you resolve your dispute in a successful and expeditious manner.

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